Reminder: There are Several Agons Running Right Now

Just a reminder that there are several Agons running right now:

I’m doing one for Ares through March 31. You can read about that here. Ares doesn’t get anywhere nearly enough attention and veneration in my opinion. Let’s give Him some love, folks. I already have three really good submissions. There are prizes for this agon so if you have something for Ares, I’m accepting prayers, poems, essays, and art. 

Lykeia, over at Lykeia’s Botanica is also running TWO Agons: one for Aphrodite and one for Hera. Again, there are prizes. 

Give it a shot and try writing or creating something for your Gods. 🙂 If you can’t paint, try collage, or word art. If you don’t think you’re a poet, just write a prayer expressing your feelings and longing for these Gods. Have courage! The arts are sacred to and beloved by our Deities. Honoring Them in this way not only gives an offering, but brings another prayer or sacred image into the world and with all that were once destroyed, that is a powerful thing. 

Speaking of Images, the next prayer card will be part of the Mother’s Series: Alkmene, the Mother of Herakles. If you’re interested in donating toward this card, please contact me at krasskova at I still need sponsors for this series. 

That is all for now. stay tuned for more updates soon. 


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  1. I’ve written something for each of these Agons on my latest road-trip, but I’m too tired to type them up right now. I’ll try to get the Ares poem to you in a few days.

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  2. Was a bit perturbed that your stuff wasn’t popping up in my feed or Facebook anymore…only to find that you’re in neither of my follows. Not entirely sure how that happened.

    A question: which benefits you more, buying one of your books from Amazon or directly from some other source you have? I have a strong need to add your book on devotion to my library.


    • ganglerisgrove

      HI Ashley, thanks for asking. I think buying from is fine. I mean, you can also get it via but I don’t think there’s much if any difference in royalties. 🙂

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