Prayer to Sulis

I occasionally write prayers on request. This prayer was written for H.E.:

Prayer to Sulis
By G. Krasskova

In ancient times,
You worked woe for Your devotees,
carrying curses forward
into the spinning tides of wyrd,
even as You brought healing to others.
You gave Your oracles
and kept Your counsel
and You kept the secrets
of those who came to You,
desperate, longing.
You keep our secrets still.

To those who come to You
for healing, for blessing, for care,
You are the Goddess of Healing Waters,
and Your touch restores,
removing illness, removing stain.
To those who have seen
into the depths of Your holy waters,
You are called by other names,
more potent, far more secret.

You are the Gateway to the Underworld,
and every shade must pass
through Your hands.
The touch of Your waters
restores the dead,
battered, broken by life,
to wholeness again.
You are Their welcome,
as they pass into the ancestral land,
or to life and form renewed.

To the Seer,
You are wise Counsellor
and Friend.
The blessing of Your waters,
allows for vision of the otherworlds,
of things that have passed,
and things that are yet to come.
Your waters reveal the truth
in all its terror.

To the magus and mystic,
You are the Midnight Sun.
No world is barred to You then
and You kindle in the mind
of every devotee hunger:
for knowledge, for truth,
for awakening,
of all the senses.

Yours then is the way of mystery;
Yours the way of contemplation,
Yours the road of self-mastery,
Yours the way of illumination.
Wash me in Your waters, Lady,
Shine upon me the piercing light,
the light You bear
that penetrates every conceit,
the light that banishes all pollution.
Restore me as I live,
That I may honor You,
more fully now and well.
This blessing alone I ask,
Holy Sulis,
Goddess of the waters,
Midnight Sun,
Healer of living and dead alike:
restore me,
and may my dead flourish
in the health only You may bring.
Hail to You, Sulis.



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  1. Reblogged this on The Words Swim, Waiting and commented:
    Galina wrote me a beautiful prayer to Sulis. I wanted to concentrate on some of Her more neglected aspects- She was a goddess of healing who was also invoked in cursing, and had both cthonic and solar aspects… one of Her aspects for me is the Midnight Sun.


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