Prayer to Achelous

Often I write prayers on commission (usually to raise money for prayer cards). This was a recent one for C.B.:

Prayer to Achelous
By G. Krasskova

Father of Waters,
Keeper of the oceans’ treasures,
the rivers are Your sinews
the waves Your mighty steeds.
You are the man-faced bull,
the rival of heroes.
Wherever the waters go,
there too You are able to be
and Zeus Himself commands
Your worship.

Generous God,
You have gifted us with
the sweetness of the waters
of rivers and streams,
of all blessed wells,
and of the oceans’ great wealth.
Your gift sustains us.
Your benevolence overwhelms.

You, Serpent of the waters,
care for every creature in Your domain.
Forgive us, I pray, the harm we humans have done.
Forgive us our hubris, and our uncaring greed.
I myself will honor You today and every day.
I will pour out offerings to You,
and turn my heart to Your worship.
I will do my part in protecting Your domain.
I will do my part to right the wrongs my fellow humans have done.

Hail to You, Achelous.
Hail to You, Mighty God.


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