The Ares Agon is Now Closed

Here are the final submissions to the Ares Agon. 

N kostich

A Devotional Candle by N. Kostich who says “Devotional candle making is my particular devotional craft. I had never had contact with Ares until about a week before you announced the agon, when I saw Him in a dream. The candle is a 6 inch pillar infused with frankincense, dragons blood resin and cinnamon. Its always such a joy to create these candles!!”

Then there is this lovely prayer by Sparrow, who reminds us that Ares had a dancing teacher before He learned combat.

 “Dancing God” by Sparrow

There is another God besides Dionysos
Who loves to dance.

He parries and thrusts
Moving in time to the music of the battlefield
Swords and shields clash together sounding like cymbals.

He moves so gracefully and quick
Sprints here, moves there
To deflect His enemy’s lunge.

Then with a quick sword stroke,
He kills His Enemy
Another dancing partner now dead.

Ares smiles. His old dancing teacher Priapus would be so proud of Him.


And finally, a vibrant painting by J. J Starmans. 

Thank you all for contributing to the agon. The Ares Agon is now closed. I will announce the winners tomorrow. 

The April Agon will be devoted to the Vanic Goddess Nerthus. 🙂


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  1. You got a lot of awesome submissions this month!


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