The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy but boy do I find it amusing to watch them fight…

especially over things I warned y’all about years ago. LOL

So how’s your morning going? 🙂

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  1. Hectic! I’m trying to put together a launch party for a university lit mag I’m the assistant editor of. It’s my first time (both as an assistant editor and as a launch party coordinator), so I’m trying to make sure everything runs smoothly and perfectly. As you can imagine, that’s not been happening, but I’m trying to view it all as a learning experience.


  2. Just finished my morning “march” for Athene in a cool mist, so I’ve got nothing to complain about.

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  3. he he he Yes, sitting on the sidelines can be quite amusing!


  4. I remain blissfully unaware of the matters to which you are referring…with an emphasis on the “blissful,” I should add! (Sometimes ignorance is the best policy…!?!)

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    • But in the “good news” (re: how are things going?) category, I made some progress on a project this morning when I couldn’t sleep for a few hours…still have lots of grading to do, further preparations for classes, and likewise outstanding writing deadlines (for both academic and devotional matters) in the next month…but, I think I can get it all done, between the family dinners and such this coming weekend and so much else. And, if all goes well, maybe have some time to sleep, too! 😉

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  5. Does this include the people ignoring PVSL’s warning about miasma?


    • If there are still effects following from that (and, from what I have learned since posting my earlier comments, some of the folks involved might have been impacted), then it’s all the worse…I thought the main effects involved there were laid out by the end of last November, but if it is still going…well…

      (I’m not saying it is, and I’m therefore gloating; but, it might not be unconnected, either…)


  6. No idea of the current Sturm und Drang on the internet you are referring to, but today I presented and turned in my poster presentation for Egyptian Archaeology – “Agency and Personal Piety in the Desert: The Rock Shrine of Pahu”. It went well!

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  7. I am blissfully lounging on the banks of the Nile watching the world burn so to speak. I’m in the process of introducing myself to the Egyptian Gods again just need to find out which ones are wanting me at the moment.

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