Submission to the Nerthus Agon

The Cart (For Nerthus)
by P.S.V.L.

The entire village came out that day
when The Goddess’ Holy Cart wheeled near
and the passing of awe in solid form
took place amongst our people.

Once, I was the swiftest of runners…
but in my excitement at The Cart
I came too close to it, wanted to touch…
only to find its heavy wheels crushing my toes.

I cried, bled, fell, screamed out,
and in tripping down to the trodden earth
for only a moment I saw beneath the cloth,
the veil before the eyes of all in the village…

The Priest said that I must come with Them,
that now I belong to The Goddess,
that I may see beneath the cloth when I wash it—
and then go beneath another veil in turn.

Happy are We Who Are Called to serve Her
(though crushing of feet was no “calling”);
Happy are We Who Are Washed in the waters
in which the Goddess Herself is washed by the Washers.


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  1. Thank you for running this agon!

    Nerthus–though I respect Her greatly–is not a Goddess I’ve had much association with before. However, since this popped up pretty spontaneously the other day, I thought I’d better go with it…!?! 😉


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