Submission to Nerthus Agon

For Nerthus
by Susan Epstein

I offer Thanks to the Earth for all Her ways
During days of darkness, days of sunshine,
and all the seasons of the year.

Great Earth, to you I am a child
You are my home and place of belonging.

As Great Nerthus You go veiled
A fearsome goddess,
for those who see your face must die.

I await to see your face
only at the end of my life fully lived.

Until then, I imagine your face veiled

In the time of Spring by the verdant greens of earth
In the time of Winter, blanketed by snow
In the time of Autumn, colored by rich hues
Your ears delighted by the joyful noise
In the time of Summer by the shouting of children,
The gladness of wind in the trees,
and the cheerful talking of birds.

Oh, Nerthus, Earth is our paradise, our home.
You bless the fields with your fertile prayers
Drunk on the blood of men, a replenishment of your energy.

Grant us in these times a memory of the joy of the Great Trees,
And the rising of human consciousness toward conscious Being.


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