Lady Stardust sang his songs of darkness and dismay

Another amazing piece by Sannion.

The House of Vines

The cave is dark,
and empty,
and lonely,
and the world without
so swiftly forgot.
But there are some who linger,
and burn with negative light
for on earth they were the most brilliant
and divine
of mankind.
And they gave everything
and more
for their art,
so in death
they are glorious, perfected,
and want for nothing
except they hunger for beauty
and thirst for raw sensation,
and draw near all
who are in the grip of mad inspiration
so that the Artists may feast once more.
They are generous with their gifts,
and demanding.
But it is always worth it to collaborate with them,
whatever the price.
These are our ancestors,
our predecessors,
those who crafted our interior landscapes,
those who showed us what is possible,
and what is beyond,
those who perfected their craft,
and touched excellence
even if for but a single moment,
and they…

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