One More For the Road


“Nobody sings as purely as those in deepest hell.
What we take for the song of angels is their song.”

Kafka wrote that a century or so ago. He was right;
but what he missed, or perhaps knew but did not say,
is that only holds true for those who willingly
sacrifice their souls to the Work.
We are fighting Uncreation.
There is no room for sentiment.


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  1. Do you think Gnosticism is basically the opposite of polytheism, the other side, against our own beliefs? A lot of them believe creation and physical bodies as a prison for our souls, not a gift. I used to be interested in Satanic Gnosticism like Temple of the Black Light and their highest spiritual goal seems to be Uncreation.


    • ganglerisgrove

      No, that is not at all what i meant by uncreation. I wouldn’t necessarily class gnosticism as the opposite of polytheism…i’d have to think about that. the term has been…much used.

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