Just so we’re clear

I have lately been getting harassed by a mentally ill individual so I am going to state this here so there is no misunderstanding. 

The material I post here and on any other website that I maintain (including but not limited to boneladyblog.wordpress.com), unless otherwise stated is mine. You do not have permission to use it in any other capacity. You may not use my images or my articles. If I find that you have stolen my work, I will take legal action. 

Is that clear enough for  you? 

Get therapy and stop spewing your pollution on me. Stop trying to make me part of your insane, delusional world. You are sick. Get help. 




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  2. Your Bone Lady blog looks like a good fit for Order of the Good Death. Have you ever thought of writing anything for that site?



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  3. Troublesome, all very sad and troublesome… Hope that it isn’t m-e all of a sudden, or anyone else I even remotely know of who is at guilt here, but here I sit, making not all too dissimilar observations about the state of our World in general, and some smallish matters in particular.. https://hedniskatankar.com/2017/04/29/as-above-so-below/


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