How the Cracker Crumbles; or What Drove Kenaz Filan to the Alternative Right

I saw on fb today where some people are bitching and whining about this post. I wonder if they actually read it or just looked at the title, saw that it didn’t s support attacks on ‘whiteness’ and flipped the fuck out. In reality this is a very, very thoughtful piece. I may not agree with everything in it, but it raises questions that I think we should be considering. (and I’m getting really tired of people being unable or unwilling to read past their own prejudices).

Europa’s Children

Why would an initiate in Haitian Vodou support folkish Heathens? Why would an author on African Diaspora traditions associate with racists and anti-Semites? What diabolical plot is at work here? What dastardly scheme has been hatched? When is Filan going to awaken from his ether binge and murmur in a slurred voice “Alternative Who?”

Well, it started like this:

Not long after Annamaria’s birth I realized I had no V0d0u books on the back burner and little desire to write more on the topic. There were plenty of Haitians out there ready and willing to take on non-Haitian students. Aspiring Vodouisants needed me like the 1950s needed Pat Boone.  Vodou remains an important part of my spiritual practice: every day I apply the lessons I learned in Sevis Gineh. One way I show that respect is by letting Haitians set the boundaries to their ancestral rites and holy places.

Parenthood also left…

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  1. We should all be celebratibg our ancestors and *the cultures* they come from…not some late social construct of whiteness that seems to have ever shicting rules of inclusiveness. This is why I cant understand the spiritual plight of those who lament about mixing of ethnicities as if our polytheistic ancestors were terribly *that* concerned about the pigment of ones skin and texture of ones hair. Instead of honoring ancestors much of it reeks of celebrating the absence of the other. This really was driven home to me by local Heathens who told me that many would leave anything I attended with my children because they…despite having considerable German heritage are half black and express mixed phenotypes. This has jack to do with honoring ancestors.
    I also contest that the figures of whites who are liberal suppirting black causes are financially secure is a bit overly bloated. I have been pivert level poor most if ny adult life and many others I know fare similar situation. I think the failure to understand our interest is not to snub poor white America which we are undeniably a part of but also that bolstering poor white America into a comfort zone (which was a noticeable part of the Trump candacy) that by focusing only on our own welfare that we exclyde and leave behind other impoverished ethnic groups. I may be going hungry the day before payday but I am personally just as interested in making sure that my neighbor going two or three days has their necessities. This is somethibg I have argued with my brother with who has the view that he has no interest in fighting for the good of other groups. He is going to help his own and others can help themselves and are a hinder to their own success. Frankly I think our ancestors, who saw community in a much broader sense than who just happens to look like me but ones fellow citizens of the state as kindred might posdibly find this shameful. You dont really get to pick and choose who qualifies as co citizens even if we have the luxury of choosing who we worship with (and even that gives me a giggle in thinking in ancient state festivals no one gave a shit if you didnt want to coworship with Jo two houses down. Just my perspective on this.


  2. *poverty level poor. I hate this phone lol


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