Smutty Saturday: A Real Chatterbox (OBSCENE CONTENT)

because Latin is awesome. 🙂 That is all.


Martial, 7.18

“Though you have a face about which no woman could complain, and no stray mark mars your body, you still wonder why it is that scarcely a fucker can be found who desires you, or asks you for your favor again? Galla, you have a fault which is not altogether trifling. Whenever I came to you and we were moved about with mingling groins, you were silent – but your vagina wasn’t. Oh, would that the gods would make you speak and it stay silent! I am offended by your vagina’s loquacity. I would rather give you a good sodomizing. Symmachus came up with this useful notion, and the thing prompts laughter at the same time. Who can laugh at the little pops of a garrulous pussy? When it makes it sound, whose penis does not fall with his desire? At least say something, and say something against…

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