Second Submission to Maia’s Agon

“To Maia, Mother of the Messenger”

Pleione’s eldest daughter,
begotten by He Who Holds the Sky,
hail to You, O Maia.
Eldest Pleiad sister,
Whom Your sisters emulate,
hail to You, O Maia.
Mother to Luck-bringer,
nurse to Kallisto’s son,
hail to You, O Maia.
Guide to sailors,
guide to farmers,
hail to You, O Maia.
Lady of mountains,
Lady of caves,
hail to You, O Maia.

I beg Your aid, O Maia,
that I may be
a more dutiful child to my parents
as You are to Yours,
a more loving sibling to my siblings
as You are to Yours,
and should the Gods will it come to pass
that I have children,
a wise parent to my children
as You are to Yours.
Hail to You, O Maia.


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