Interview in Wild Hunt with Markos Gage

Check out this awesome interview at Wild Hunt with Markos Gage. He’s an awesome artist. His work is beautiful and at times mind-blowing. He and his partner Wayne have created several of the beautiful icons that I’ve turned into prayer cards. (He takes commissions, folks). Making art is a sacred thing, all the more so when it’s done directly and mindfully for the Gods. Check out the interview. I might have asked other questions, but overall, it’s pretty good and you get to see lots of pictures of Markos and his art. 


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  1. I’m happy with the interview. Though I was more conscious of the general audience of TWH. Some of Heather’s original questions were not pitched in a manner I could relate towards and there were a lack of questions that delved into my practice and philosophy. But overall it was edited and reordered as a fine interview.
    Maybe in the future you could do a similar interview exploring those aspects not touched on by TWH.
    Anyway, I’m glad you liked it.


    • ganglerisgrove

      actually I’d love to. Give me some time to put questions together and maybe you can be my featured polytheist voice for September. 🙂

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