Submission to Maia’s Agon

A Mother’s Love
by Sparrow

One of the most powerful things in the Kosmos,
Is a Mother’s love.
It endures and perseveres no matter what happens,
It protects and sustains the beloved Child.

This is the love that Maia felt for Hermes, Her beloved Son.
Maia who held baby Hermes in Her arms,
In the dark Cyllenian cave,
Protecting Him from Hera’s wrath.

Maia looked down at her beloved Child,
And saw that His hair was as curly as His Father’s.
He had a smile as sweet as His Mother’s,
And a twinkle in His eyes which was all His own.

Maia loved Her Child beyond reason and measure.
Baby Hermes knew this love well,
And promised His Mother one day they would not live in the shadowy cave,
They would live on radiant Mount Olympos and rightly take Their place
Among the other Gods.

Hermes was true to His word.
He became one of the Olympian Gods and brought Maia to Olympos.
What a glorious day for Maia and Hermes!

Hail to Maia, beloved Mother of Hermes,
Sweet and gentle Goddess,
May you always be praised, great Mother.
Io Maia!


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