Paganism Isn’t Dying; It’s (Finally) Maturing

a good thoughtful article (and a particularly entertaining ‘cherry on top’ of Halstead getting his ass handed to him lol).

yes, “paganism” is growing up, finally growing out of its ‘nature religion’ roots and into thriving, Deity driven cultus. it’s about time.

Grennung Hund Heorþ

There’s been some discussion of late in the pagan blogosphere as to whether contemporary paganism is dying.  I think the answer to that is a clear, obvious, and resounding “No,” but more than that, I think it’s important to address what I believe is happening to paganism.  I believe that yes, as John Halstead and Mat Auryn state, paganism is changing.  But where they see it pulled apart by entropic forces or hijacked by hostile ones, I rather see a different direction to the flow.  Paganism is finally starting to take the first incremental steps to emerge from its overlong adolescence.

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  1. Sadly, the comment section on that entry belies the hopes in the entry itself…and has reminded me of why I don’t use the term “pagan” any longer as an identifier and want nothing to do with that community-at-large. For feck’s sake…

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  2. Well, that is why JH has had a number of posts about “Non-practicing Pagans.” People have been calling him and his friends on their militant stance at FB.

    What popped out in the comment section was “revealed religions” – there are folks who claim that some forms of Paganism and Harner Shamanism is “revealed religion.” I think that for me shows the monotheistic filter is alive and well and living in Paganism.

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    • ganglerisgrove

      Harner shamanism A) isn’t shamanism and B) is utter, polluted and unmitigated crap. it ruins people for actual devotional work and actual spirit work. ugh.


      • Well I have been going boldly forth when others can’t – reading up on Harner “shamanism”. Been taking copious notes on the subject from Harner and friends. No it is not shamanism, nor is it nature spirituality, it is as far as I can see a means of therapy and self-importance.

        From my readings, I have been able to pick it up in other writers who don’t cite Harner in their works. There is an orthodoxy to the whole thing.


  3. If, as has been levied again and again when discussing orthodoxy and orthopraxy, that Pagans and polytheists ere on the side of orthopraxy, then a person claiming to be a non-practicing Pagan…isn’t one.

    If you cannot even be bothered to do the bare minimum of putting down an offering, then all that is being done is a religious label is being coopted by non-religious people.

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  4. I did want to speak up for nature spirituality. If you dig deeper into Keats and Wordsworth, the Divine shines through. What I have noted since I did practice this (without knowing what it was called), you become connected to the numenia of the world. You live in a world of Spirits that you learn to co-exist with. Usually, it means a contract such as setting up boundaries and caretaking the land. What you don’t know can kill and eat you literally.

    What I have noticed with JH and his friends is that they are becoming numenists. It is taking baby steps into the world of Spirits. Now, that world is very scary. Where they go and what they do is up to them.


  5. (My comment on the original post)

    To create a dichotomy between “nature worship” and deity cultus is like asking, “Did you walk to work or did you pack your lunch?”

    Deities are whatever they are. “Nature” is everything not under control of the human ego. It is the orbits of planets, it is trees and flowers, it is most of your bodily processes, and it is most of your psychic processes.

    You can be in awe of it. You can see it as the source of Power and Mystery. But “worship” seems like the wrong verb, if you mean by that praising it and asking it for favors.

    Obviously, to the extent that gods are not controlled by the human ego (and I realize that their artistic representations are such), then they would be in Nature too. And we know that even the gods are subject to Fate.

    I am off to Heartland Pagan Festival later today, where I will be speaking about “nature religion” and other things. Thanks for giving me some new talking points. 😉

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  6. “In truth, CUUPS falls victim to the same faults as the UU organization itself; it is an ill-defined, superficial substitute for a real spiritual endeavor. ”

    This is the feeling about UU that I’d been unable to so clearly articulate.

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    • Sounds like modern Druidry. So many books do everything they can to separate it from its Indo-European roots into nature loving PC religion of PCness that you end up with a case of anomie.


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