Agon Updates

Just a little housekeeping to cover: 

Per divination, the winner of the Agon for Maia is Kira R. (I’ll be contacting you shortly privately to arrange for your prizes). 

The winner of the Orpheus Agon is Neve (ibid), and the winner of the Achille’s Agon is J. Breuer (ibid). I’ll be having the cards printed this week. 

If you have not done so already, and you contributed a prayer to the Agon, please contact me at Krasskova at with your address, or just a reminder to send your prayer card. I’ll get those out this week. 

JUNE’S AGON is for Loki. I choose the God or Goddess for each month’s Agon via divination and Loki was most insistent. 🙂 Everyone who submits will receive a prayer card for Loki and the winner will receive a copy of my devotional to Loki’s wife Sigyn, “Our Lady of the Staying Power,” and a copy of all the current Loki prayer cards. The Agon will end June 30, 9pm EST. 

Here is the Achille’s card by Grace Palmer. 

achilles painting 2x4

The next card in progress by Grace P. is a card for Mithras. If you are interested in contributing to this card, please contact me at Krasskova at


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  1. This card is beautiful.


  2. Wow! That card is powerful.


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