Third Submission to the Loki Agon

Words from my heart
by Potia P.

Loki, you came unlooked for, unasked for into my life.
Bound one, your challenge forced me to face my bindings.
Shifter of forms, you lead me to change.
I honor You!

Burning one, you scare me still!
I don’t know what you see in me,
Why I interest you,
But I know you come calling.

Calling in the darkness
Shining in the silence
Mystery and Mischief

I honor You! I praise you!
I’ve even come to love you.
You, the disreputable friend!

The one that speaks truths no-one else will face
The one bringing joy in the madness
The one whose pain we turn away from
The one who forces us to see
The one who scares us in the night
The one who holds us when we cry
The one who gives us the blade with which to cut our bindings

If we have the courage to turn and take it
If we choose to try.

Uninvited, unexpected, uncomfortable,
Yet welcomed, honored, praised and loved!


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  1. Well said, WELL SAID! And in facing the Truth He brings to our faces, we discover something in ourselves of the truths He sees. Loke has only recently come into my life bringing fire into the darkness of my inner shadows, but when I open up to him, He gives me the truth of myself. And then he introduces me to Sigyn who brings the balance of the dance of light and shadow in the cool of the forest and the light on the waters…


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