New Submission to Loki’s Agon

Most Cruel of Fetters
by E. Blakely

I know that I lay upon rough-hewn rocks
Held fast by the most cruel of fetters
In a place where Time is measured by the drop.

The sound – a jarring ‘plink’
Deepening to a ‘plank’
Then a deep-throated ‘plonk’.
Full once more…and She is gone.

The terror returns…
Is She safe?
Will She return?
Will I hear Her shriek and call My Name before Her Step-Daughter comes to claim Her?…To restore Her to Our Youngest?
Does He run into Her arms, tearfully joyous, crying ‘Mommy, Mommy’?

Wolf-Son, if You lurk outside, waiting to greet Your Mother, please greet me as well.
Without the Love-of-My-Life, this torment holds no power over me.
Let it end.




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  1. This is very powerful piece indeed!


  2. Richard Norris

    Making me want to cry over a god I don’t worship isn’t fair. Awesome, though.


  3. Talk about a punch in the gut, yet beautiful at the same time. Well done.


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