Honoring the Moon

An interesting post on moon Deities. I have never been able to form a relationship with Selene, precisely because of having such a deep devotion to Mani. I know the Gods are more than capable of sorting it all out but I found this a lovely meditation nonetheless.

Bearing His Light

pier_francesco_mola_-_diana_and_endymion Diana and Endymion by Pier Francesco Mola, c. 1660  (Switzerland)

When I visited Rome in 2006 (I think it was), I had not yet made the paradigm shift to Hellenismos.  I was a fairly eclectic polytheist keeping a few shrines for a few different goddesses from different pantheons.  I had had feelings for Athena that were not reciprocated, yet She was present in my life.  Everywhere I went in Rome, I encountered Roma, the goddess of the city, and I remember being very frustrated because all the images I saw of Her looked to me like they were really of Athena or perhaps Minerva.  I kick myself now for the gorgeous paintings, statues, and temple remains to Apollo that I must have missed, but I was very focused on Athena during that visit.  It was only on my trip to the Capitoline Museum that my attention was torn away by…

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