1. Loki’s Agon will be ending in two days. If you have a piece that you were thinking about submitting, now is the time to do it. 
  2. We have a new prayer card, which will be up in my shop shortly:


mithras painting 2x4

Mithras by G. Palmer. 


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  1. That Mithras prayer card is very powerful and beautiful!


  2. I believe the phrase is “Shut up and take my money!” 😉
    What prayer was used for the card, if I may ask?


    • ganglerisgrove

      there are two runs of this card, the first had a prayer by Andrew Bayless and the second i’m still waiting on from the pritner (it’s done, I just have to pick it up, which I won’t be able to do till next week). I didn’t want to turn down any prayer!


  3. Hello Galina. I have been following your site for about 9 months, and getting a lot out of it. I was wondering if it would be permissible to leave a comment here on your recent Cathryn Emerick post, for which comments are now closed?


    • ganglerisgrove

      Sure. you can leave the comment here. 🙂

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      • Thanks, you’re most kind. In the end I thought better of the comment I wanted to make, as my thoughts were a little half baked – but if it’s o.k. I may e-mail you them at some point?

        For now I’ll just say your site is really pretty cool. In the last year and a half I’ve been taking my first tentative steps in the direction of strict polytheism (with Celtic deities), and your commentary and example have been most helpful. Out of interest, have you any plans for prayer cards with Irish/Welsh deities or Celtic deities in general?


  4. Hello, Galina,

    I have a second devotional poem to Loki, and I have also attached a painting I made of Sigyn, she whom Loki loves and who stood by him during his ordeal under the venom. He wanted me to get the painting just right, the sardonic curves of her lip and brow in one of their playful moments, her curls that he loves to tuck flowers into, and her green gold eyes that change with her moods.

    The poem:

    Flaming, He waits

    Restless mind seeking

    An object for fun

    to calm His attention.

    Attuned to the Holy of Truth

    He has learned

    To prey upon

    Humanity’s self-deception

    The Paradox of Truth

    Foundation for a trick

    A teaching he builds

    Those learning to see truth

    What fun making the wise

    Seem foolish

    As they struggle to

    Sift truth from the lie of deceit

    Or that is how Loki saw it

    Where the Aesir sit in joyful

    Accord with each other,

    Tongues wagging and bragging

    Heedless of lies within

    Enlarging story after story

    That sharing of meade

    Made bigger and bigger

    There was a Time

    When the Trickster got caught

    In the snares of ill will

    Fruit of his many tricks

    And Frigga’s son died

    Web of Wyrd had woven

    A fate she failed to foresee

    And Loki perhaps for once

    Heedless of his actions

    He was an uncle

    At play he was with Hoenir

    Father of Vali and Narvi

    A real family man to be sure

    Caught in Paradox

    He could see his choices now

    As hoofbeats thundered down the Hell road

    To beg a life of She who is jealous of her power

    To undergo the Venom

    – why the Venom?

    Those jealous, He saw too much

    And would blind him

    Or to undermine his eldest daughter

    Of whom He is so, so proud

    Queen in Her own right

    Should all beings love Baldur?

    Should Hela then

    Release a soul from Hell

    Just because a mother

    Loving her son too much,

    Cast spells of great protection

    Neglecting the lowly mistletoe?

    Rather the balance

    Of power maintain

    Between the realms

    Of the quick and the dead

    Some say he became

    The giantess who refused

    To love Baldur

    But would even Loki, so knowingly

    So ruthlessly

    Cast away Narvi?

    It’s hard to say

    When the consequences of deceit

    Cast the dagger in his own heart

    And he undertook the ordeal

    He accepted the courage

    Of undergoing the Venom

    And Sigyn, beautiful, faithful

    Loving, dutiful Sigyn

    Gentle wife, stood beside Him

    With her bowl for a millennia

    Loki accepted the ordeal

    And in accepting the ordeal

    He cast back in their teeth

    The rotted spite, the hob-knarled truth

    Of His own being.


    Susan Hintz-Epstein susan.hintz.epstein@gmail.com (518) 989-6006 home • (518) 947-0645 cell

    On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 9:04 AM, Gangleri’s Grove wrote:

    > ganglerisgrove posted: ” Loki’s Agon will be ending in two days. If you > have a piece that you were thinking about submitting, now is the time to do > it. We have a new prayer card, which will be up in my shop shortly: > Mithras by G. Palmer. ” >


    • ganglerisgrove

      Hi Susan, Thank you for submitting. In the future though, please send any submissions tothe agons to me at krasskova at gmail.com. WordPress is strange with formatting in comments.


  5. ganglerisgrove

    Morfran, feel free to email me krasskova at gmail.com. I”m really glad my work has been helpful to you. I do have several cards for Celtic Deities (Brigid, Danu, Elen of the Ways, Morrigan, Airmid, Ancamna, Cailleach, Cernunnos, Epona, Sirona, Scathach, three for Mananan….none for specifically Welsh though. Whom were you wanting?


  6. Hi Galina, many thanks, I may do that at some point.

    Fascinating, I remember now I had seen the Morrigan card but didn’t realise there were so many others; I will check them out.

    I pray daily to Ceridwen, and would certainly chip in something if there were ever a possibility of her getting a card. That would be quite something! I am also wanting to set up a shrine to the Irish god Lugh, when I find space for it in my room. I figured it was time for me to move beyond de facto henotheism with Ceridwen.


  7. I really love the Mithras card! Grace is such a beautiful artist. As always send my thanks to her for her work!

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