Why Huehue Tlamanitiliztli

I’m delighted to discover that there is a new blog devoted to the restoration of indigenous Mexican polytheism. Go and check it out.

(Also be aware that there has been a great deal of push back from people who would rather accept the anthropologists erasure of their own polytheism than do right by their Gods and actually restore practices. The person running this site is doing a great deal of good, solid work for his Gods and ancestors. We who are working in our own polytheisms should support that because those ancient contracts need renewing, no matter what the cost).

Huehue Tlamanitiliztli

The decision to coin a word to refer to the old Mexica religion was due to have a proper name to call our Tradition, the same way Greek Reconstructionists have Hellenismos or Anglo-Saxon Reconstructionists have Fyrnsidu, in this way and as there wasn’t a word used by the own Mexicas to name their believes, I decided to follow the pattern of Modern Paganism, so on, Huehue Tlamanitiliztli is Classic Nahuatl for Old Customs” or the Old Way of Life, the same way FyrnsiduVattisen Yaly or Senistrognata means more or less the same thing for the Anglo-Saxon, Chuvash and Celtic Recons.

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  1. Edward P. Butler

    Check out the interview with Angel Rivera Rubio about his Mexica reconstructionist polytheism here: https://satmaat.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/walking-in-the-footsteps-of-the-aztecs-mexica-polytheism/


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