Outdoor Shrine to Mani

For several months now, i’ve had an outdoor shrine to Mani ready and waiting for just the right statue. I was driving home from work one day and saw this box by the side of the road. 


It wasn’t a pretty blue then, but a faded, dirty light green. I saw that it opened and thought it would make a perfect outdoor shrine so I knocked at the door of the house where it was and made sure the things by the road were for the taking (they were. there were other things spread out farther back as part of a construction project so I wanted to make doubly sure). I brought the box home, had a friend paint and refinish it and it’s been waiting lost and lonely for a Mani statue ever since. 
Well, Lykeia made me one and i’m just waiting for it to arrive before consecrating the shrine and setting it up outside. I’m going to nail it to the outside of my house where the moonlight can hit it. I think it will make a nice shrine for Mani. 
Those of you wanting Deity statues, Lykeia does take commissions. Check out her shop here

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  1. That’s a beautiful shrine box and statue of Mani. Can’t wait to see it all put together. Hail Mani!

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  2. I like the use of a mirror in the statue’s base.


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