Agon Updates including the Winner(s) of the Asklepios Agon

Well, this is surprising. I did the divination this morning to select a winner for the Asklepios Agon and apparently He really liked everything. LOL. Instead of choosing one winner, He indicated that He was equally pleased with them all, so the prizes should be given to each contributor. This is a first.

So, each contributor will receive a copy of my Asklepios devotional, one of His cards, and I will donate $25 to the medical charity of your choice. Please contact me privately at krasskova at to let me know what that is.

The August Agon is for Hoenir. He is one of the three primal creator Gods, along with Odin and Lodhur. When humanity was created, it was Hoenir that gave us sense, our firing synapses, our functioning minds. The Agon will run until 9pm EST on August 31 and the winner will receive a copy of the prayer card of his/her choice, a copy of “Devotional Polytheism,” and I will donate $25 to the educational charity of the winner’s choice.

I haven’t seen too much for Hoenir of late so please let’s create beautiful prayers and art and poems for HIm this month. 🙂


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  1. Wow! That is surprising! 🙂


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