Submission to the Asklepios Agon

Prayer for Care Givers
by Sparrow

Hail to you most compassionate Asklepios
Beloved son of bright Apollon
Student of wise and kind Chiron
Father of physicians and nurses
Please hear my prayer.

Your temples were the first hospitals in ancient Hellas
The sick would come to your temples asking for You to cure them
You, who surpassed Chiron in the skill and gift of healing,
Would listen to the snakes entwined upon your staff
Advising you how to heal the sick.

I come to You now many centuries later
Asking You to look after my loved one who has (name disease here)
And to please look after me too, his/her care giver

While disease rakes my loved one’s body, grief rakes my heart
I see my loved one decline, and my heart aches
I try so hard to help him/her but there is only so much I can do
I remember the good times I shared with him/her and how healthy he/she was
Please grant me strength in my caregiving role,
Most benevolent God.

Please help me have faith in the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals
Who look after my loved one
Please guide their hands, minds, and hearts in tending to my beloved.

And please, benevolent Healer,
Help me to look after myself.
Remind me to eat nutritious food, get my rest and exercise,
And to maintain my social and spiritual connections.
For if I’m not looking after myself, I cannot look after my loved one.

May you always be praised great God of healing.
Io Asklepios!


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