Upcoming Prayer Card: Hygeia

The next prayer card is going to be for Hygeia, Goddess of health and healing, Daughter of Asklepios. If anyone would like to help sponsor this card, please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com. 

Sponsors get recognized on the back of the card, and each sponsor will receive half a dozen of the cards. 

If you donate $50-100, you will also get a copy of my Asklepios devotional, which includes my translation of the Orphic hymn to Hygeia. 

Donations of $101 and up will receive that and a setting of lights for your health and well being. 

If someone sponsors the entire card ($450 including printing), you will receive all of this, plus a full set of the Olympians cards, the Nine Muses, Apollon (He has several), and Asklepios.



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