Classical Education and Corporal Punishment

LOL. While I do not endorse corporal punishment as a means of teaching anything, these quotes are very entertaining to read. 🙂


From George Orwell’s Such, Such Were the Joys:

“This did not happen very often, but I do remember, more than once, being led out of the room in the middle of a Latin sentence, receiving a beating and then going straight ahead with the same sentence, just like that. It is a mistake to think such methods do not work. They work very well for their special purpose. Indeed, I doubt whether classical education ever has been or can be successfully carried on without corporal punishment. The boys themselves believed in its efficacy. There was a boy named Beacham, with no brains to speak of, but evidently in acute need of a scholarship. Sambo was flogging him towards the goal as one might do with a foundered horse. He went up for a scholarship at Uppingham, came back with a consciousness of having done badly, and a day or two…

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Galina Krasskova has been a Heathen priest since 1995. She holds a Masters in Religious Studies (2009), a Masters in Medieval Studies (2019), has done extensive graduate work in Classics including teaching Latin, Roman History, and Greek and Roman Literature for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. She is the managing editor of Walking the Worlds journal and has written over thirty books on Heathenry and Polytheism including "A Modern Guide to Heathenry" and "He is Frenzy: Collected Writings about Odin." In addition to her religious work, she is an accomplished artist who has shown all over the world and she currently runs a prayer card project available at

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  1. Ahh, the “good old days”! Mercifully, times have changed.

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  2. Personally, I feel it should be the parents’ job to give corporal punishment and not others. I can remember my mother giving a note to the principal and the teachers saying that if they were to give corporal punishment to me or my brother, that mom had to be notified FIRST.

    Say what you will, but my parents gave me such punishment. I stayed in school, I never touched drugs, never went to jail, and never got knocked up. Because I knew I would “catch hell” from my folks if any of the above happened to me.


    • in general, I very much believe in corporal punishment, I just don’t think it should be used in school to scare people into learning Latin. lol. But if a child bites, spits, or sasses….and within reason, i don’t have a problem with it.

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