September’s Agon is for Persephone

Ok. I promised to post prizes for the Persephone Agon.

Everyone who submits a piece will receive the prayer card of their choice.

The winner will receive the Persephone and Hades prayer cards and a copy of “Tending the Bull” by H. Jeremiah Lewis. (If you already own this, you may choose another of his titles).

The Agon will run until September 30, 9pm EST. All submissions should be sent to me at krasskova at 

I received the first submission earlier today:

To the Mistress of the Dead
by V. Morelli

Sweet Lady of the Dead,
Queen of Hades’ realm,
Lady of asphodel
and bitter hemlock,
nightshade, datura,
aconite and all plants
that are doorways to Your realm,
please hear my prayer
and look upon it with favor.
My tears are at times like the bitter herbs
that are Your sacraments.

Bless and protect my dead, I pray.
Keep my ancestors safe.
Let them know that they are remembered.
Let them know that they are loved,
that someone on this mortal plane
thinks of them and cares for them.
Let them receive the offerings
that I regularly pour out for them.
Let them eat honey out of Your hands, Great Lady.
Let them hear my prayers
and when it is right, please
allow them to act for my well being
and protection.
Let their time with You and Your Husband
be sweet. Let it be a time of healing.
Let it be a time of celebration
for lives well lived.

This I pray to You,
Queen of Hades’ Hall,
Lady of the Pomegranate,
Who has danced in the labyrinth
Who has been reborn.
I will make offerings to You,

Hail to You, Persephone.


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  1. That’s a very beautiful prayer.

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  2. This is beautiful!

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