Second Submission to Persephone’s Agon

by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Hail to You, Silent One, Nameless One!
Beautiful flower, with a steel core
Who walks the sunlit paths of the world above
And the ghostly roads below
Only You can live in both worlds
Only You can taste of the forbidden fruit of the dead
And return to Above to Your sun-kissed Mother
Only You hold sway over the heart of Death Himself
Only You can temper the wrath of Haides, the Host of Many
Lady of Both Worlds, we hail You now
As You prepare to go below,
Taking Your place beside Your dark Husband once more
Summer is done, the cold winds blow, and Winter is on it’s way
This is the time for You to shed Your skin of Kore, Lady of Flowers,
And become again Persephone, Queen of Shades
I hail You now, Savior of the Dead, merciful Mistress of the Mysteries
And also the innocent laughing Girl,
For right now, in this moment of Equinox,
When the Sun and the Moon are equal in the sky
You are Both
Both Girl and Queen
Both midwife and death-watcher
Both hunter and prey
Both birther and destroyer
Both light and dark
Both sunlight and snowfall
Both fertility and barrenness.
Tomorrow You will step across the Threshold,
Collapsing the wave-form
Into One.
Sweet Kore, gentle Kore, innocent Kore
Become again Persephone,
Queen of Winter, Lady of Bones, First Among the Dead.
Hail now to the Two Ladies, the Two Goddesses
In One.


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