The Covenant and the Blood

This is a good piece. I know many of you are going to get your panties in a twist because it’s written by Kenaz Filan but get over it. Try actually reading what Kenaz wrote.

My only quibble, is that I DO use the word covenant. I think that there was and should be very sacred covenants between communities and the land, the ancestors, the Gods and that this is precisely what was shattered with monotheistic invasion. The word was suggested to me by a Power and seems so much more fitting — because of it’s formality–than simply ‘contract.’ We have obligations to these things, to these Powers, that we have neglected for generations. how’s that working out?

Europa’s Children

A Facebook friend recently sent me a link to this Tumblr exchange between an anonymous querent and Sian, a self-described “25-year-old queer girl from England. Scientist, feminist, Heathen & devotee of Odin, Sif & the Morrigan.” I generally avoid Tumblr, but since this conversation name-drops me and raises a few interesting questions, I decided to respond here.

Why are there no PoC Heathens? Is Kenaz Filan right when he says that Odin has a covenant with white people?

I have known several devout Heathens of Color. Given that most African-Americans have a significant percentage of European ancestry, I see no reason why a person of color might not be called by White as well as Black Ancestors.  Neither am I given to telling Gods who They can and cannot choose.  Wotan is an eternal Traveler and an eternal Strategist: He will go to far-off places and call upon strange…

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  1. I love his work and I happen to be quite far away from him on the political spectrum as a radical leftist myself. You can tell from the way he writes that he has piety and a real connection with the Gods, ancestors and spirits.

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  2. thetinfoilhatsociety

    I tend to agree that it is a covenant, though not in the monotheistic sense. It’s a covenant that’s written in our bones and our blood. They wait, always, for us to wake up and remember the covenant written in our DNA. They are ours and we are theirs. I agree that the Gods have agency and choose whom they will, but I also think you probably are not likely to hear the call unless that covenant is written in you, for that call to awaken you.

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