One can always expect a monotheist to behave according to type

So while radical muslims are attempting to destroy Europe, let’s not forget the evangelical Christian threat a little closer to home

For those who aren’t up to translating, apparently there have been several cases in Brazil of evangelical Christian drug traffickers … yes, you read that rightly…forcing devout Candomble practitioners to desecrate and destroy their shrines and temples, in the name of Jesus of course.

A monotheist is a monotheist wherever you go. 


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  1. Not to mention the “Nashville Statement,” amongst other things…

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  2. Abrahamic monotheists be like: “Hate is (Christian) Love”, “(Holy) War is Peace”, “Ignorance is Strength”, and more of those Orwellian-themed oxymorons.


  3. Soon it will be the Anti-theists who come for us next.


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