Submission to Persephone’s Agon

For Persephone
by Alexeigynaix

You dance in the meadows
in golden summer light,
so light on Your feet
You never crush a wildflower,
though the meadow blooms profusely
in the nymph’s joy that You are there
to dance beside her.

You dance in the halls
in silver winter light,
a partnered dance, sedate,
gowned in garnet, crowned in gold,
and the still air weighs less heavily
in Your husband’s joy that You are there
to dance with Him.

Daughter of Demeter,
You walk among the orchards
while butterflies and bees
flit from bloom to bloom,
flower-crowned, arms bare,
while apples, peaches ripen
and nectar turns to honey
and Your mother walks with You.

Queen of Haides,
You walk among the asphodel
while new guests in Your realm
disembark the river ferry,
treading lightly on the pallid blooms,
while Lethe burbles quietly
and still Lake Memory reflects
and Your husband walks with You.


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