Ideas for Offerings

While shopping for offerings the other day, I found a brand of vodka Veteran owned and made. Since I was looking for something specifically for Ares, this seemed perfect and I thought I would mention it here. I like supporting Veteran owned businesses, the vodka is pretty good, and it makes a great offering not just to Deities like Ares but to the military dead, and our military ancestors as well. There’s also a brand of red wine (it’s hiding to the left behind the vodka here) called “Purple Heart” that I also find my military dead like. I don’t think it’s veteran owned though. 



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  1. As far as I know, Purple Heart isn’t veteran owned, but they do donate to the Purple Heart Foundation. I’ll need to check out my booze supplier today to see if they carry Heroes. I hope whoever is downing the Theraflu feels better!


    • ganglerisgrove

      thanks, the theraflu was last week. lol. turned out to be nothing serious.

      that’s good to know with Purple heart. I’d bought it originally bc of the name (thought it appropriate for my military dead) but I’m extra glad to realize they donate.


  2. One offering I give to the Gods of War is a simple one. I simply shake the hands of a veteran and thank them for serving.


  3. I found a winery called Hestia the other day; they write about Her attributes as Goddess of Public Devotion on their bottles, and have an intriguing image of Her. It is something I may purchase in the future 🙂

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