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April’s Open Agon.

It occurred to me that I had never posted about prizes for this open agon. I am keeping this one simple, folks. I will donate $25 to the charity of the winner’s choice (provided it does not violate my own ethics — i would not, for instance, donate to a pro-life organization) and the winner may choose ten prayer cards.

All those who submit may choose one.

be well,

Another submission to April’s Agon

Wood and Water
by C. Greene

Lady of the landbound mists, of the trickling rills and deepest lakes, thank you for the bounty of your waters.

Lady of the hidden flows beneath the land, of the interconnected fans of water-moving filaments that bind the lives of the forest together, tighter than any cloth on the loom, thank you for your liaison with the fungal spirits.

Lady whose heart churns with tidal yearnings, that sent her favored folk forth upon the sacrifice of her trees, to brave Ymir’s blood, thank you for the strength of their ships.

Hail Huldra, lady of the hidden waters, lady of the hidden folk, shepherdess of Her beloved ones, may You ever be honored and loved by those who love both your woods and your waters!

Another submission to April’s Agon :)

Surrender ( to my Patron)
by Vanessa M.

My sweet Lord
You Know how much my soul yearns for You.
How much my heart obsesses over You.
How much my mind is absorbed by You.
Let me ask You:
What is it what unites me to You?
Is it a thread, a filament? Is it love? Is it devotion?
I request my dear Lord You Break whatever is what brings me to You.
Tear it appart my Lord.
Dismantle it, Demolish it.
So that there is nothing to mediate us.
Nothing. Void. Emptiness.
Please Bring that void into me.
And Break me.
Tear me apart.
Annihilate me, please.
Hollow me.
Devour me.
Sacrifice me.
Prevail over me.
Don’t Go Easy on me.
Don’t Be Soft, Don’t Be Gentle.
Be Harsh, Be Unrelent.
Be Overwhelming.
Be Terrifying.
Make me obedient, Make me soft, Hollow me.
I haste to give myself up to You.
To close my eyes.
To surrender.
To die to myself, to be completely emptied of myself,
To unconditionally give up my own will,
Lay bare and trembling at You Feet.
My heart conjoined with Your Heart.
No separation.
No end.

A new submission to April’s Agon

For Artio
by Heather R.

Oh Artio
Without bounds
Ancient as the waters
You pulled us from the safety of our caves
Drew us close to the fire
And we learned that
The Great Bear
Didn’t just roam through the forest
She was of us
And we were of her
And her essence came down from the stars
And her blessings were in all wild things
Every breath that we would take
She was the keeper
Tribal leader
One of the great mothers
Who taught by love and ferocity
Who wakes from this great hibernation
At long last
Full of life
Waiting to lead her cubs
Humming with the beat of all living things
She brings.

Another Submission to April’s Agon

Prayer to Antinous the Navigator
by P.S.V.L.

Hail to You, Antinous the Navigator,
on this day and every day–
You Who have lead on the path as a deer
and have marked foundations as dragon,
O Swiftest Horse of Bithynia in Arcadia.

You have been as a mercurial philosopher,
an offer of livery at supper
to weary world-wanderers
turned out by all at the inns.

Truth’s light is Your lantern,
clad in Your white raiments
as to the Black Star Your ship sails.

You have been the guiding beacon
and the urge of oars pulling onward.

Antinous the Navigator, hail to You!

More submissions for April’s Agon

Praises to Brigid
by Hugh E.

Hail Brigid, thrice great, thrice powerful, thrice blessed!

I arise today in praise of You,
O Brigid.
For the blessing of water I praise You,
O Brigid.
For the blessing of fire I praise You,
O Brigid.
For words on my tongue I praise You,
O Brigid.
For skill in my hands I praise You,
O Brigid.
For cradle and hearth I praise You,
O Brigid.
For the protection of the fian I praise You,
O Brigid.
For justice for the weak I praise You,
O Brigid.
For healing for the sick, I praise You,
O Brigid.
For keening for the dead I praise You,
O Brigid.
For Your mantle around the Earth I praise You,
O Brigid.

Bíodh sé amhlaidh!


Vassal (For Loki)
by Fiona Y.

Dancing around your flame
Senses abandoned to
desire for You
And all the while burning
On the tip of your tongue
Whilst from my tongue,
Your words roll and flow.
I am Your vassal evermore

New Submission to April’s Open Agon

“Stoic Hymn To Zeus”
by Daniel S.

O Zeus, Supreme, Most High,
Your Will guides the destinies of men.

O Zeus, Protector Of The Sanctity Of Oaths,
Should it suit You,
I am quite content
that this be my final day,
for I have strived to live
in accordance with Nature
and Virtue.
if You should see fit for me
to live one more day,
I am content as well
and shall continue to sing of Your might.

O Zeus, Ruler Of The Thunderbolt,
Wherever You lead me,
I shall always go gladly and willingly,
Or Fate will drag me, unwilling.
For it is not right to say:
I obey Your Will,
Rather, to say:
I agree with Your Will,
Whatever it may be.

O Zeus, Giver of Good, Of Freedom, Of Strength,
Through deprivation or abundance,
I take comfort in knowing
You, always, are with me.

Dionysos in the Northlands (rough draft)

a thoughtful post about the influence and cultus of Dionysos in the North.

Winner of Mani’s Agon and two entries for April’s Open Agon

First of all, Congratulations to Cody Greene, winner of Mani’s Agon. 🙂 I”ll be in touch shortly. Those of you who submitted, please shoot me an email with your mailing address and let me know which Mani card you would like. Everyone who submits receives one.

April’s Agon is open, and I’ve already received two submissions. Here they are — this one is for your Patron Deities, folks. So if you have things to submit, please email them my way at krasskova at I”ll be posting about the prizes this weekend.

 “Athena Eleutheria”

I pray to Athena,
the Spinner, the Dyer,
the Potter, the Painter,
the Weaver, the Tailor,
the Quilter, the Free.

I pray to Athena,
Who knits and embroiders,
crochets and carves spindles,
builds looms and weights warp threads:
my Goddess, help me?

I pray to Athena,
Who sounds the war trumpet,
Who bridles strong horses,
Who girds us in armor,
that we may be free.

I pray to Athena,
Who forges the swords we
will wield in Her service,
Who heals our war wounds so
that we may be free.

I pray to Athena,
the Scientist, Student,
Archivist, Librarian,
Researcher, Essayist,
the Activist, Free.

I pray to Athena,
Who knows when to speak, when
to act, to hold back, when
to rest, when to fight on:
my Goddess, help me?




Adorations of Dionysos
by A. Schellinger

I adore you, God of Nysa

I adore you, Giver of pure wine

I adore you, Ruler

I adore you, Bacchic Lord

I adore you, Loud Roaring One

I adore you, God of Deep Forests

I adore you, Good Counciler

I adore you, Lord with long hair

I adore you, Illuminator

I adore you, The True Vine

I adore you, He who sings

I adore you, my Saviour

I adore you, Starry Bull

I adore you, Inspiration

I adore you, Phallic God

I adore you, Androgynus One

I adore you, God of the Outsiders

I adore you, Queer God

I adore you, Twice Born

I adore you, Render of Flesh

I adore you, Gentle One

I adore you, Savage God

I adore you, Laughing God

I adore you, Giver of Joy

I adore you, God of Freedom

I adore you, Lord of Maddness

I adore you, Lord of Frenzy

I adore you, God of Ecstacy

I adore you, God of the Streets

I adore you, God of the Night

I adore you, Night Wanderer

I adore you, God of Orphic Mysteries

I adore you, Wonderful One

I adore you, Holy One

I adore you, Two Formed One

I adore you, Born of Two Mothers

I adore you, Two Horned One

I adore you, God of Foxes

I adore you, You who gives peace to the Living

I adore you, You who gives peace to the Dead

I adore you, Cosmopolitan God

I adore you, God of many masks

I adore you, God of the Counter-Culture

I adore you, Lord of the Dance

I adore you, Lord of the Rave

I adore you, Eternal Intense DJ

WTW Submissions

The deadline for submissions to issue 8 is approaching. This is an open-topic issue. For those of you who may be considering submitting something, please look at our guidelines here. Deadline is June 1.