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2 Submissions to Hebe’s Agon

To Hêbê
By Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Hêbê, Attendant of laughter-loving Aphrodite,
I pray that you will fill my home
With the grace that You so easily embody
As gentle as the welcome breeze on a summer’s day

Hêbê, Protectress of Young Brides
Whose hammering hearts are flying high in fear as much as love
You are the guide over the threshold, from virgin to woman, from single to family
And as such, a Psychopomp of sorts, though I doubt You have often been hailed as such!

Hêbê, wife of Herakles, that mightiest of Heroes,
You must have an iron core not often spoken of by the ancient poets
To be a fitting match for the Slayer of Monsters.
Daughter of Hera, Cupbearer of the Gods, today I pour some wine out for You.

Empty Worship
By Amanda Artemisa Forrester

Hêbê, sweet Goddess of fleeting Youth
You are arguably the God that this hollow modern culture worships most,
Obsessed as Hollywood is with women in the May of their lifetimes,
The fresh bloom of spring, of girlhood who have yet to taste a lover’s kiss,
And yet, they miss so much of life in the empty quest for youth eternal,
For the Immortality that is Yours alone to give, at Your Father’s behest.
For You I offer this loaf of bread and spiced wine,
In hopes that I may enjoy the blessings of a long and healthy youth,
But also, and perhaps more importantly,
That I will remember that youth is but the first part of life,
from which all mortals must pass
Into the next stage.
Let me not fear to age gracefully when my time comes,
But let it be a long time from now!

good advice

A friend sent me this video. It’s catholic, but the sentiments expressed are absolutely 110% applicable to polytheistic devotion too. This is good advice, and so I share it. 

Happy Litha


Kharis Anniversary

Dver’s book “Kharis” is a lovely introduction to Hellenic polytheism. Now you can get a copy at a reduced price. See the original post here: via Kharis Anniversary

Pocket Size Prayer Book Available

I’m currently taking pre-orders on this small, pocket sized prayer booklet. It contains roughly a baker’s dozen of prayers — all taken from my own personal prayer book — adapted to be usable across traditions. The booklet is exactly the size of a prayer card (and is pictured here with the new Jord prayer card): 2 1/2 x 4 inches and will fit easily into a wallet, pocket, or purse. 

Those interested should contact me at krasskova at The cost of the booklet is $5, which includes shipping and handling, paid via paypal tamyris at (just replace ‘at’ with ‘@’). 

NOTE: you MUST email me if you paypal. I’m not getting paypal notifications and often even if i do, the mailing address is missing. Don’t just paypal! Email me.

prayer book photo

Sneak Peak at WTW issue 8

Check out the TOC for our latest issue of Walking the Worlds. This issue should be available next week and will be sent out to subscribers. For more info, see here. This issue introduces a few changes. We will be including book reviews from now on, of which we have several in this issue and going forward, while there is a main topic for each issue, we’ll also be taking articles outside that topic too. I think it makes for a richer journal. Anyway, here is a sneak peak at issue 8:

Volume 4 | Number 2 | Summer 2018 : Miscellany

    • Introduction by Edward P. Butler
    • The Demonization of Loki in Modern Heathenry by Galina Krasskova
    • The Semantics of Ineffability by Steven Dillon
    • Ad Ultimum Terrae: Adamnan and Fire on the Island by Cathal Pratt
    • Perceiving Aphrodite: Empedoclean Metaphysics by Edward P. Butler
    • A Brazilian Philosopher on the Plurality of Afterlives: “Religion, Salvation and Immortality” by Vicente Ferreira da Silva by Antonio Vargas
    • Review – The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Kaye Boesme
    • Review – Profane Egyptologists: The Modern Revival of Ancient Egyptian Religion by S.E.B. Logan
    • Review – American Heathens: The Politics of Identity in a Pagan Religious Movement by Galina Krasskova

9 For Odin

We praise You, All Father, Architect of the Worlds, Who breathed us into being.
We praise You, Runatyr, World-maker, Whose keen far-seeing intellect wove the fabric of reality.
We praise You, Bolverk, for by cunning negotiation You brought us poetry and ecstasy.
We praise You, Oski, ever generous Giver of gifts, for You pour Your favors out upon Your people.
We praise You, Sigfather, for teaching us to ever strive for victory, for inspiring us with Your might.
We praise You, Woden, for sharing healing charms and the wisdom of driving out corruption.
We praise You, Galdrfather, for giving us the gift of enchantment, the continual re-sacralization of our world.
We praise You, Yggr, for Your sacrifice upon the Tree. by which You instructed us in wisdom.
We praise You, Odin, that You have elevated us by means of your nobility, driven us forward by means of Your attentions.

Oh Burning Brand.
Oh Self-Chosen Sacrifice.
Oh Sweet Wine of Ecstasy.
Oh Bottomless Well of Wisdom.
Oh unscalable, soaring Height.
Oh Fierceness without Measure.
Oh Might without Opposition.
Oh Treasure-House of every Honor.
Oh Hunger without Restraint.
Ever and always do Your people praise You.

Winner of Jord’s Agon

The winner for the Jord Agon is C. Greene. congratulations! 

I’ll be in touch via email. Those of you who submitted, please contact me — you get a free prayer card. 🙂 


“Prayer and love are learned in the hour when prayer becomes impossible, and your heart has turned to stone.”

–Thomas Merton

Prayer to Baldr.

I recently had someone commission a prayer to Baldr from me. I decided to share it here as well. 

Baldr, I call to You now
and ask to be bathed
in the cleansing light of Your presence.
From my earliest days,
I know You were there.
You, kind and tender,
Your rich laughter
chasing away all doubt,
all pollution, all unkindness
and pain.
May I be as a child,
held firmly in Your arms,
Your golden smile
filling my heart with joy.
May I always walk through my life
wrapped securely in Your grace.
Hail Shining Son of Odin,
Who holds the secrets of life and death
in gentle hands.


(by G. Krasskova)