Ancestor Wisdom – QOTD

“You have been paid for. Each of you, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red—whatever pigment you use to describe yourselves—has been paid for. But for the sacrifices made by some of your ancestors, you would not be here; they have paid for you. So, when you enter a challenging situation, bring them on the stage with you; let their distant voices add timbre and strength to your words. For it is your job to pay for those who are yet to come.” Excerpt from Maya Angelou’s book Rainbow in the Cloud: The Wisdom and Spirit of Maya Angelou.


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  1. Timely reminder, thank you.

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  2. It couldn’t been said any better.

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  3. Ah, if only Maya Angelou were actually a polytheist. She sounds exactly like one here.

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  4. Been encountering things related to Ancestors a lot today.

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