Another Reader Question

Joanna H. asked, “what are your favorite charities?”

That’s an easy question (thank you, Joanna! lol) and one I can quickly answer first thing in the morning. I do tithe part of my income, donating quarterly. My top charities are: 

The Big Sur Land Trust

Paralyzed Veterans of America

British Royal Legion

There are other charities to which I donate occasionally too, but those are my top three. I also really like Donors Choose, an education charity that allows you to directly choose where your money goes. those are probably my top four. 

Where do all of you, my readers, like to donate?


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  1. I stay local (Houston, TX, USA area): Armand Bayou Nature Center; and street performers/artists.

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    • ganglerisgrove

      im so glad you mentioned street performers and artists. I do try to give to them when i run into the while traveling. 🙂


  2. Bat Conservation International, the Lambi Fund of Haiti… the last couple of years I’ve also been reserving a bit of my charity funds for hurricane season…


  3. My preferred charities are the ACLU and the NRDC (National Resources Defense Committee). I also like to donate small amounts to local museums (especially art and history museums) when I visit, on top of entry fees.

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  4. Edward P. Butler

    The Wild Bird Fund ( is one of my favorites. I’ve also recently discovered the Service Dog Project (, which not only trains service dogs, but also rescues donkeys from terrible conditions. They even have a live cam in their donkey barn:


  5. I don’t donate a whole lot to charities, usually, but the last was a kickstarter thing or something for a French teacher wanting to buy her students proper fountain pens, ink, and paper, because fountain pens are a big and mandatory part of French school life. And her students wanted to experience that.

    In general, when I donate I donate to cultural goals, or polytheistic ones, or ones to help indigenous peoples in their struggles to have their land and rights protected.


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