To Cover…Or Not?

good post on head covering (in this case for Hestia). Give it a read, folks. 🙂

Hestia's Servant

As you’ve read in a previous post of mine (find it here), I have had times in my life where I have drifted away from Hestia. For the past 17-20 years I’ve come back to Her with a dedication I had never felt previously. My offerings are blessed; Hestia’s altar is the center of our home.

During these years I have been occasionally requested by Hestia to don the veil – or, in other words, cover my hair. At the time Her request was simple. A bandana covering the top of my head was enough. Easy enough to do as I was in employment situations where it was no problem: managing my own horse facility; working in an after-school program; retail in a dippie hippie shop. It worked beautifully, and Hestia was pleased.

Lately, however, patient and gentle Hestia has been a bit more insistent in Her requests. No…

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  1. Funny you should post this just now…I’ve been head covering in public for several years now (except when they force me not to, e.g. at airport security, etc.), and have a hat for that, as you know. However, I’m wanting to experiment with other things, especially in specifically religious contexts, and while I tend to use the fez for the latter, I want to have a few other options as well. I’ve got a wig I’ve used a few times, and I’ve also got what I’m wearing now, which kind of looks like a variation on some of the bonnets Amish/Mennonite women wear, except it isn’t…I had hoped to get a kind of “scholar’s/scribe’s cap” that looks medieval, but the best I could do at the moment is an armoring cap that would have been worn under helmets, etc. So, I’m wearing that right now. It is cool, but most people would think it’s just a weird black bonnet, probably…I don’t know about this for everyday wear or out in public when it’s not a specifically religious matter, but anyway…


    • I’m not sure where in the world you live, but I have had no issues going through airport security. I use the airport in Austin, TX frequently — whether for my own travel or taking my child for her travel — and security has been ever so nice. Once, while going through at the tiny terminal where they train many of the TSA agents, I even took a female trainee and showed her “what all was underneath” that wrapping and shaper.

      For me it’s all day every day when I leave the house or around people who come to visit who aren’t close family.

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      • I’m guessing you also, if you’d excuse the expression, look female, though? It’s a whole other story if they assume one is male, and attempting to explain one’s actual gender identity and what it actually says on my birth certificate to someone who won’t even listen when I tell them about my medical problems and why my medical device isn’t compatible with the body scanner isn’t really in the cards, unfortunately, no matter where I live.

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    • (for some reason I can’t comment below in your latest comment but….) I’m so sorry to hear you’ve experienced assumptions and ignorance. sometimes I wonder if we should build a country in which none of these issues would ever be present. 😦 I know….wishful thinking, right?


  2. I love this site: But I spent about 15 years in my 30’s and 40’sas a Muslim. It was so freeing to not wear a scarf anymore and care about how I looked again! Otherwise, I do love the old ways.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing my post!

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