Every culture is worth preserving because every culture has a different way of relating to the Gods, of honoring them and singing their names. Every culture has a different language, different words for beauty and love and anger and sun and rain; and, therefore, different ways of seeing and understanding and relating to the world and all those who inhabit it. Every culture should be preserved because it has inherent value in and of itself, and the world becomes a less vibrant, less artful, less musical, less beautiful place when we lose one.

In an ideal world, cultures (and people) would meet as equals, and the resulting exchange of food, words, art, and ideas would enrich everyone.

–R. Buchanan


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  1. Such beautiful words! I agree ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Where did she write that?


  3. Hello, would you please write on how to become more generous in our relationship to the gods? Thank you


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