Urban betterment ;)

Last week my husband saw a polluted pro Marxist bs sign in our neighborhood. It was this bit of graffiti on main street: 

bad sign

We fixed it. 

heathen goals

Ours are stickers but we’ll replace them as often as we have to do so. All Gods forever. 


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  1. Polytheism: All Gods, All the Time.

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  2. You guys rock!

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  3. Well done! Perhaps it would be wise to stick a paper with the words “All” instead of Odin, lest they deface his image.


    • we thought of that, but if someone is stupid enough to deface an Odin image, that’s between Him and them and i’m ok with the potentiality of outcome there. *G*

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  4. Another alternative for “No” in that phrase might be “More”…in any case, nice!

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  5. Hey, that was awesome! I love the comments here, too. Well done!!

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  6. That’s great! You folks made my day! 🙂


  7. I want to start fixing things the way you fixed that sign.


  8. Rope. Tree. Spear. Marxist. Some assembly required.


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