An excellent post about Roman practices and honoring the Gods in October.

Neptune's Dolphins

My devotional calendar is an organic thing that grows and changes, as I learn more about the Gods who I venerate. Since I follow a Roman-centric practice, I use many sources for Roman festivals (fasti). Starting with that basis, I work out the Gods of the Month.

For the Romans, October is a month to focus on the affairs of the state and of the community. Fides (Good Faith), Felicitas (Good Fortune) and Venus Victrix (Venus Victorious) are honored for the protection of the people and the continuing favor of the Gods. Di Penates (the Gods of the Pantry) are also given sacrifices for protecting the food stores.

Also, October is a month of transitions. The campaign season is over and soldiers return home. They and their weapons need to be purified before they can rejoin the civilian population. Meanwhile, welfare of the people are prayed for by offerings to…

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