A Prayer

This is powerful…read to the end. it flips the devotional relationship on its head.

Liturgical Poetry

Why are you so distant?
What have I done to offend?

I have loved you, I do love you,
I’ve never done anything but express that
as fully as humanly possible…
I have pursued you, walked beside you
but in return you shun me, side step me,
or worse, shower me with silent indignation..
Why do you not speak?
Do you not hear my cry?
Can you be so cold as to ignore me?

Do you even love me?

Says the LORD.

by SJMC+
(Written: 25.VI.18)

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  1. Hey! It’s the one I showed to that husband of yours!😀


  2. Thank you for sharing my poem here – I am glad that you liked it.


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