“Of course materialism in general creates a bias toward monotheism, because everything incorporeal is reduced to some material or semi-material continuum, whether, e.g., of texts, or of psychological experience, which, whatever else it does, reduces the phenomena to unity.” — Edward Butler, PhD

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Galina Krasskova has been a Heathen priest since 1995. She holds a Masters in Religious Studies (2009), a Masters in Medieval Studies (2019), has done extensive graduate work in Classics including teaching Latin, Roman History, and Greek and Roman Literature for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. She is the managing editor of Walking the Worlds journal and has written over thirty books on Heathenry and Polytheism including "A Modern Guide to Heathenry" and "He is Frenzy: Collected Writings about Odin." In addition to her religious work, she is an accomplished artist who has shown all over the world and she currently runs a prayer card project available at wyrdcuriosities.etsy.com.

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  1. That Edward Butler guy really knows his stuff! 😉


  2. Agreed. I also feel it lends itself to atheism. Atheism & materialism seems closely linked in mindset.


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