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My husband kept reading me excerpts from various articles yesterday, both of us shaking our heads and cussing about how amazingly stupid some people insist on remaining. Several of those pieces annoyed me so much that I decided to write about them here so be warned: bad language is probably sure to follow.

The first was this gem from the Columbia Daily Spectator. This idiot girl-child feels that a Classics degree is classist because – boo-fucking-hoo– one has to learn Greek and Latin. She opines that her more successful colleagues (which given her attitude is probably just about everyone) have the money to hire tutors and take summer programs to up their language quotient, whereas she has to worry about money. Yeah, right, sister. Grow the fuck up. I’ve taught Latin for ten years and did my time in a classics grad program. I never had money for extras either. I taught myself Greek and Latin. I didn’t take any special programs. I applied myself. No one is forcing this girl to do a Classics degree. If she can’t meet the requirements, she should pick an easier major like, oh, I don’t know, basket weaving. You see, unlike in your gender studies classes, no one is going to hand you this knowledge on a silver platter. You may actually have to work. Radical thought, I know. You’re at fucking Columbia. You are not oppressed.

Then there’s this  from Sarah Michelle Geller. She had to apologize for noting that she was trying not to overeat at Thanksgiving. This is, apparently, fat-shaming. WTF? As an overweight woman, I applaud Geller for setting an example of thoughtful moderation. The last thing she should have done is apologize. Let’s face the facts the “fat positivity” movement doesn’t want us to know: fat is NOT actually healthy nor is eating so much you make yourself sick, which is specifically what she was trying to keep herself from doing. Now I don’t think anyone should be shamed for being fat – there are a lot of different issues surrounding why one may be overweight, and some people may find it more attractive. Rock on. But let’s not shame others for actually giving a damn about their health. We need examples of people setting healthy boundaries for themselves.

Finally, there’s this: a Christian missionary got shot by a tribe that wanted nothing to do with his poison. They warned him multiple times (by means of a rain of arrows) to stay the hell away from their island. He got what he deserved (missionary work is nothing more than cultural and religious genocide. Frankly, if his family and church knew about his trip to the island and did nothing to stop him, they ought to be prosecuted in international court as accessories to attempted genocide) but western media is presenting him as the victim. These tribesmen have made it clear for HUNDREDS OF YEARS that they do not want to be bothered by outsiders. Why is that so damned hard for outsiders to comprehend. LEAVE THEM ALONE. They don’t want the diseases that you might bring, diseases for which they have no natural immunity and they don’t want the disease of modernity or monotheism. I applaud their use of deadly force to keep these bastard missionaries out and hope they continue to do so. Does no one find the characterization of this tribe as primitive or sex crazed by western media a little offensive? Or the violation of the tribe’s wishes and consent by this lunatic being presented as though the missionary were the victim (only thing he was victim of was his own fucking hubris and stupidity). Colonization by religious conversion is still colonization, folks.  It’s as though moderns and monotheists just cannot stand that there might exist some little corner of the world, some tiny little corner uncorrupted by their bullshit. Rock on, North Sentinal people. Keep your arrows nocked and ready.  

That’s it for today.  Fight on, my good readers, fight the bullshit. It’s pandemic.


EDIT: and then there’s this utter piece of blasphemous shit by Karl Siegfried, PhD in double base I might add, not anything relating to Norse mythology. It’s the most sickening and disrespectful thing ever written about a God as this fool tries to work out his own issues with Loki. He should be ashamed and so should wild hunt for publishing this unmitigated piece of garbage.

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Galina Krasskova has been a Heathen priest since 1995. She holds a Masters in Religious Studies (2009), a Masters in Medieval Studies (2019), has done extensive graduate work in Classics including teaching Latin, Roman History, and Greek and Roman Literature for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. She is the managing editor of Walking the Worlds journal and has written over thirty books on Heathenry and Polytheism including "A Modern Guide to Heathenry" and "He is Frenzy: Collected Writings about Odin." In addition to her religious work, she is an accomplished artist who has shown all over the world and she currently runs a prayer card project available at wyrdcuriosities.etsy.com.

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  1. Thank you for calling out B.S. like your examples stated.

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  2. Agree all the way down the line. My sympathies are entirely with the Islanders. I had to work hard for my degrees (biology/history) and was often short of money, time and patience. I have none for that little snot. Setting limits for oneself is not shaming any one.

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  3. You can tell that first article was a gem from the very beginning: “I arrived at Columbia with no idea of what I wanted to study.” Really? At Columbia?? It seems as though she set herself up for failure beforehand with that “cafeteria” mentality, but then tried to blame it on others when she ordered an expensive dish.
    As for the missionary, he certainly deserved it, but did anyone notice his last name and ancestry? He’s either of Chinese or Vietnamese origin…so, considering he was from Alabama, I think we might have a case with two complexes rather than one: martyr complex and inferiority complex. It’s a shame he forgot his own heritage and tried to “whitewash” his soul (death is the ultimate sacrifice) only to prove himself to a religion & mentality that genocided (or would genocide, if possible) his own people.

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  4. Here’s an article (from what some might characterize as the “liberal media”) which places the blame solely on the missionary for being so stupid to go there, against local laws and all senses of decency or concern for others:


    I’m horrified to know that whatever his involvements with Oral Roberts U might have been, he was from Vancouver, WA originally…I’m ashamed on behalf of my state.

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    • My BBC article (after I reread it) mentioned that he also lived in Alabama. He moved around like a missionary would, I suppose. But for now he’ll be pretty stationary… Oh, and no need to apologize; your state is better without him.


  5. Yeah, I don’t know what to make of this latest spat of “Christians are the most oppressed religion in the world”. On the one hand, I can see the point if it’s in places like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, etc. Now you want to talk Religious and Cultural Genocide, Muslims make Christians look like pacifists. Then there’s the darker part of my Nature that wants to tell Christians, “Payback’s a Bitch, Ain’t it?”

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  6. There is this pervasive image of missionaries are quiet, humble, loving, pious people who simply want to present people with the option of converting to their religion that our culture hasn’t quite managed to rid itself of yet.

    It is well past time this archetype was amputated like the infected limb that it is.

    Missionaries are nothing short of human virons desperately seeking entry into a healthy spiritual body in order to spread their infection. Monotheism spreads like a virus. By the time you realize there is a problem, you’re already sick, and curing Monotheism is harder than curing AIDS. The only country I know of that managed to remove the sickness before it destroyed their native traditions is Japan, and it took them (correct me if I’m wrong please) a war and roughly a century of vigilance to be sure the Christian contagion was stamped out completely. I applaud the Sentinelese for their actions. I hope every missionary that makes the decision to go there suffers the same fate.

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    • Well said! Another country not infected from Christianity is North Korea (which has a semi-pagan state “religion” for ritual purposes) and I’m sure their hatred of South Korea is partly because so many have been converted there, succumbing to American imperialism. That’s not to say I support the North Korean government but I can understand part of their struggle for self-determination is absolutely justified.


  7. I’m very concerned for the Sentinelese people now. This kind of “martyrdom” typically elicits copycat behavior. I worry that they will simply be flooded by suicidal plague “lambs” until some disease depopulates the islands. I sincerely hope the neighboring governments, in particular India, will beef up patrols to keep these yahoos out.

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  8. Wow. I once did a report on the North Sentinel Islands…when I saw the headlines about a tourist being killed there, I thought “It must be mistake. No outsiders go to the islands”

    Ha. hahaha. ‘cries’

    That miserable bastard. He died shouting “Jesus loves you, and I love you”, and he might as well have murdered all of those people with his bare hands.

    The North Sentinelese were one of the first groups of humans to leave the African continent. They have lived on those islands, out of contact with the rest of humanity for over 60,000 years. They have no immunity to diseases common to the rest of the world. And we know that for a fact.

    Since the 1800s, there have been several misguided attempts to contact them. One of the first was a scouting trip made by the British sailors to see if they could use the islanders as forced labor. They succeeded in kidnapping a few children and elderly people, who they hoped they could find translators for and obtain information about the island. All who were captured sickened and died immediately, except a few children. After translators could not be found, the children were returned to the island, no doubt with vivid memories of being taken as slaves and watching their elders mistreated and dying in pools of their own pus and vomit.

    Attempts to contact the North Sentinelese after that were met with considerably more hostility – and a new twist – any object left on the island from visitors is ritually burned, buried, dug up and and cast back into the sea. Almost like the islanders fear contagion from the outside world. Fancy that. We can assume those captured children grew up to tell their stories, and the North Sentinelese have long memories.

    They used to number in the tens of thousands…but every visit from the outside world, whether by misguided anthropologists, or missionaries, or hapless individuals blown of course has brought disease. And the populations drops precipitously every time someone visits, probably due to an epidemic. Before the last visitors, they numbered at about 400. Now there is about fifty of them…a people with 60,000 years of unbroken history, reduced to a population of 50. How many will there be next year, do you think?

    And yet, they still send warning shots. Warning shots. They give their enemies a chance to leave unharmed and alive.

    Quite frankly, I think the North Sentinelese have been far more forgiving and gracious than any missionary would understand.

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    • If Jesus loves them so much why would he send these islanders to his supernatural torture chamber in the first place? That is why missionaries keep going places after all. Many even feel that they must witness to others to ensure their own safety from Jesus. I have seen that mentality quite a bit. But what do Christians care? They can just plop a church down and claim the island for Yahweh or whatever it is they worship.


  9. I have a set of Ancestors who were Baptist missionaries in India. In my Ancestor worship, I have found them to be problematic. They still try to convert the other Ancestors, and so I have a separate altar for them. What I learned from them was they believed that they were civilizing the Hindus with western values, since those values are so advanced. The missionary work goes beyond religion and goes into turning out copies of western culture in foreign places. And yes, they do not understand the word “No.”

    About the Wild Hunt article, I personally believe that the author used Loki as a vehicle to show his feelings about Trump. In other words, Loki was used as an object, not as a God. A gross disrespect for the God.

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  10. This must be the best article I have ever read in all my fifty one years in this realm…you are amazing…my favorite in this article was the missionary bullshit!!! Me and my wife had the same conversation about this stupidity last night….yes, he got what he deserved….Ego will sometime get you killed….rock on!!!

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