New Agon: Morpheus

So due to the press of academic work (this past semester was hell), I stopped running agones for awhile. Recently, however, I received some important aid from Morpheus, God of dreams and in return promised Him an agon. To that end, from now until Feb. 15, there will be a Morpheus agon running here.

It is open to artwork, prayers, poems, even essays about this God. There will be prizes (I’ll post about that later) and everyone who enters will receive a Morpheus card.

I”ll also be posting the winner of the Anteros Agon this week.

Anyone interested, send submissions to me at krasskova at 🙂


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  1. Hail Morpheus!

    I’m very happy you’re running the agons again. Unfortunately, I tend not to write poetry unless you’re running an agon. I really need to get back in the creative writing habit.


  2. Hello Galina, it´s so nice of you to be running the Agons again! I will do my best to offer some work to Morpheus and send it to you as a devotional act to Him.
    Besides from this, have you ever considered editing a teaching book on poetry writing? Or giving an online course?
    Regards, Vanesa


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