PSA – be safe, people

Today in the US is set to be brutally cold. Some cities will have, according to the news broadcast I just watched, windchill factors colder than Antarctica (Chicago, for one). Stay warm — dress in layers, cover your face, wear your gloves — and stay inside if you can. We’re talking temps deep into the negative numbers. One can get frostbite being outside for just a few minutes in such weather. So be safe, folks and please don’t take chances. Those of you like me with chronic pain issues, be kind to yourselves. The next few days are likely to suck.


EDIT: also, keep your pets inside. And for those below the equator, who are suffering temperatures of 111 degrees Farenheit and possibly higher, stay cool, stay hydrated. that weather is as deadly as the cold. 😦

(Chicago this week 🙂

<> on January 7, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.


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  1. Hello Galina, here in the southern hemisphere (Buenos Aires) we are dealing with a heat wave with temperatures that reached 44C° (111°F). I have been extremely lucky not to have suffered the power cuts… more than 100,000 people have suffered the lack of electric energy these days.
    Same planet, such an enormous difference!
    Kind Regards.

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    • omg that is horrific. I’ve emended my post to include that…weather that hot is every bit as deadly as extreme cold. @_@ i’d personally rather deal with the cold.


      • I deal rather fine with extreme weather… both cold and hot… hot weather always reminds me of Muspelheim (a place that´s almost as hot as walking over lava) and cold weather of Jottunheim (if you ever been there in dreams)… Although Jottunheim does not seem to be always as cold as this polar vortex somehow everytime I get there it´s wintertime, plenty of ice and snow and beautiful northern lights over the pine trees.


  2. I checked this morning and can confirm that it’s colder than a witch’s mammary gland.


  3. -3F here in the Indianapolis area…not all that far from Chicago. I work for a major Retail chain in their online grocery department, which means people order stuff online then when they arrive we load their vehicle. Odds are good we will shut down the department and stock the store.

    Warm blankets and hot chocolate for everyone. Vanesa, cold water and air conditioning for you, dear.


  4. Excellent advice, Galina! As a Canadian, I speak from experience re. wearing layers and warm clothing. Definitely wear a toque (i.e. hat) on your head. 🙂


  5. Native Chicagoan me loves this weather, not the least of which is because I can only summon my Arctic Helping Spirits in my shamanic practice during incursions of a Polar Vortex climate. I do greatly worry about the city’s 80K+ homeless population as well as stray animals, though. Happily, my father was able to successfully trap and bring indoors a feral cat that he and I have been seeing on my parents’ property since August. He trapped the cat on Tuesday night, just as temps were falling to their current subzero state.


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