It puts the chernips on its skin or it gets the hose again.

I cannot tell you how much I love the title of sannion’s piece. LOL. More importantly, it’s another good article on pollution, miasma (saurgan for you Norse people out there), etc.

The House of Vines

I see that people are fighting about miasma again. (Wow, y’all really like being spiritually dirty, don’t ya?) As usual, there seems to be some significant misunderstandings about what miasma is and is not so here’s my basic run-down, again.  

Miasma is a semi-corporeal substance which collects along the margins of life and is easily transferable – essentially an invisible sticky film of mortality. It can arise from within us, from our thoughts and activities or we can “catch” it by coming into contact with others, as well as objects and places that are coated with it. It is a morally neutral substance and should not be conflated with harmatia or the Christian concept of sin. Indeed many of the things that transmit it – birth, sex, death, intense emotional and psychological states – are not only natural and necessary parts of life, but seen as social goods in their…

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  1. I’ve never encountered the word saurgan before and I consider myself reasonably well read for a modern Heathen. Interesting.


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