A New Member of our Household — Sort of LOL

So, my household decided to adopt a lemur. Partly this was done in honor of my adopted mom, whose nickname was “lemur,” but partly because lemurs are just really cool (and terribly endangered).

Duke Lemur Center runs a program where people can “adopt” a lemur – one has a choice of various lemur species –we chose a Coquerel’s sifaka—and then the funds go toward care of that lemur.

Here is our lemur. Her name is –and we did not choose this. The lemurs are assigned randomly.—Pompeia Plotina. She is a Neo-Platonic lemur lol. The handout on her says “She was named for a Roman Empress who was renowned for her interest in philosophy, and for her virtue, dignity, and simplicity. Our Pompeia lives up to her namesake as she is a dignified and lovely lemur.” Sadly, she is part of a breeding pair with Charlemagne (who had to do backflips to get her to notice him) but one does what one has to do for the good of the species. 😉 Hopefully he’s not as bad as his namesake!

Check out this video below. This is where I learned about the Lemur center and it’s funny as hell.


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  1. One could say, then, in every respect that this lemur is a Diva, then! (And one of the ones I am personally a cultist of, to boot!) Hadrian carried out her apotheosis, in fact…and I’m sure Trajan is not impressed with Charlemagne, who would appear to be a real layabout when compared to Trajan! 😉

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  2. This is great news to me! I absolutely adore lemurs. I wish I could do more to help them. And on a side note, let’s not belittle the poor male with the name Charlemagne. Hopefully he’ll live up to his title more than the human of the same name and do some good for his species.


  3. Keith McCormic

    Holy crap, I needed that video! Thank you!


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