To the Lares

Sannion wrote a beautiful prayer to the Lares. I”ll be sharing his Penates prayer momentarily.

The House of Vines

For Virginia.

I pray to the Lar of my family, and to
all of the Lares that make up this household,
you who know the worth and history of the land,
(as well as where all of the bodies are buried)
you who protect the provisions
and bring fruitfulness and wealth
to those who are pious, frugal and industrious,
you who ensure that the ancestors are remembered
and each day’s offerings are divided up
fairly amongst the domestic Gods.
When there are disputes, all turn to you Lares
for a sage and equitable judgment,
for none are as impartial and unbribable
as you, or maintain concord and sweetness
of speech and action within the home
quite like you Lares.
So, I ask, accept these offerings
and incense in gratitude for all you do
to keep our domicile safe, prosperous
and running smoothly,
knowing that we owe you a debt

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