A Lovely Ostara

Last night my household held its Ostara rite. It was a small affair, just the immediate household but it was lovely. Hrethe’s winds were dancing and roaring around us, Mani’s sugar moon hung bright in the sky, luminous and lovely, and as we went to the four corners of the land, making offerings, reciting the Acerbot charm, and praying to our Gods, there was a palpable sense of wholeness and wellbeing infusing the house and property.

I have always tended to prefer the sacred days of autumn and winter – Odin’s presence is so much more palpable then—but I will admit, Ostara holds a special place in my heart. There’s something so joyous about this celebration, and it really taps into the momentum of the land itself, being coaxed into wakening life by the Goddesses of Spring.

So what did you all do for this holy tide? I would love to hear about everyone’s practices.



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  1. Mine was on the quiet side. Lit candles, burned incense, meditated on seeds, and the earth, and water and how from that springs forth life. Meditated on what it means to be in balance. Prayed to the Gods. Listened to music that is sacred to me.

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  2. Our little dog got an extra long walk.

    Health issues surfaced and we decided to defer our Ostara ritual until they recede.


    • ganglerisgrove

      I”m sorry to hear about your health issues, Rede Seeker. I think it’s wise to defer a bit…I have often been in that same position myself.


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